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Each box contains organic plant-based entree/sandwhich, kettle chips, vegan dessert, whole fruit and a bottled water. 


Can select two options from below:


  • Gourmet plant-based sandwhich with 21-grain slices (plant-based deli sandwhich, chips, fruit, and dessert) 
  • Plant-based wrap (flour tortilla, sliced bell pepper, pickle, jalapeno ranch (VG), vegan shredded cheddar cheese, and sliced tomato with chips, fruit and dessert) 
  • Vegan chili bowl (vegan chili, *crackers, vegan shredded cheese, vegan sour cream, jalapenos) 
  • Hummus platter (hummus, raisins, pita chips, and raisins)


Select Quantity Per Person


Eco-friendly napkins, plates and utensils are provided. 

Beverages not included. 

Package 3: Vegan Box Lunch

  • Exclusively vegan continental breakfast that is ideal for office parties, team meetings or events. 

    Price per person.

  • Min order: 10

    We require 14-day order notice.

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