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Soulgood Introduces New Virtual Q&A Tool

Transitioning to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle takes a little help from a chef who knows

Everyday more and more people make the decision to reduce or eliminate the amount of meat intake in their diet. The plant-based alternative meat and dairy industries are experiencing exponential growth in the United States more than ever before. Consumers are choosing to add more fruits, vegetables and grains to their diets for health, environmental and social good reasons.

The journey for new vegans or vegetarians is not always easy. Beginners start enthusiastic and optimistic, they research and study and travel to their local grocer to find the products they "think" they need. But, overtime old habits return and the lack of options in the restaurant and retail spaces causes periodic relapse and disappointment.

Most newly transitioned plant-based eaters state their top reasons for failure are:

  1. Uncertainty about what to eat

  2. Inexperience cooking vegan or vegetarian meals

  3. Carb loading

  4. Budget concerns

  5. Decrease in energy

  6. Concerns about adequate protein intake

  7. Time management

Soulgood has introduced a way to help consumers navigate the journey to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle and help to reduce the anxiety and increase the success to maintain healthy eating habits. Consumers can now reserve a motivational one-on-one session with award-winning food truck owner, Chef Cynthia. Soulgood offers a 45-minute tracks for vegetarians and vegans to ask questions, receive recipes, develop a success plan and stay committed to the journey.

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