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Vegan Cupcakes Via Mail Order

Vegan Baked Goods Shipped to Your Home or Office

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Soulgood has the natural solution with their new mail order cupcake offering. The six year old vegan food company has been selling burgers, not dogs and cupcakes to the masses from their uber popular vegan food truck noted by LiveKindly #7 on the top 10 vegan food trucks in the U.S. this October. Now fresh organic favorites are shipping across the United States.

Chef Cynthia, founder of Soulgood launched her vegan bakery in 2014 selling homemade vegan cupcakes, cakes, and pies from the Dallas Farmers Market and began taking the show on the road when she launched her vegan food truck in 2016. She introduced baked goods to satisfy her own sweet tooth and created treats that were not only tasty but humorous with menu titles such as the key lime cupcake called "Lemmony Snippet", the crowd favorite "Holy Cookies 'n Cream, The Samuel L Jackson made with roasted organic coconut on an moist chocolate cake, or the Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter cupcake.

I love cupcakes any kind of cupcake and our followers ask us to ensure we have them on the food truck at every event. Why not share the love. So, we started to ship them, says Chef Cynthia, Founder and Head Creative Chef of Soulgood.

Soulgood introduced its new mail order bakery in 2020 during the pandemic to meet the demand of vegans looking for dessert options. Soulgood offers non-sugar options for healthier low glycemic options and gluten-free options occasionally. Consumers can order one dozen cupcakes that will be shipped for a flat rate via USPS.

Visit to find your favorite fun flavors and place an order or subscribe for a box of surprise vegan flavors with the new monthly subscription service.

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