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The Pursuit of Global Environmental Sustainability

Chef Cynthia Chats with Dallas College Culinary Scholar About Climate Change, Sustainability and Agriculture in the U.S. vs the EU

Chef Cynthia, vegan chef and owner of Soulgood®, Soulgood® Express, âmebien™ and Chef Cynthia Eats sits down with Dallas College Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality Center Scholar, Monisha Clifton, who recently received a grant award to study Corporate Social Responsibility in France at the Rennes School of Business.

Clifton shared her experiences during an Instagram Live session with Chef Cynthia where she talked about the French's culture, agriculture, and intentional sustainable practices that are not only impacting families and homes but businesses, as well.

Sustainability is the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. According to The World Counts when an ecosystem is stable and healthy, we call it Sustainable. This means that it is capable of sustaining itself and reproducing. Sustainable ecosystems have biodiversity. There’s a variety of species and organisms living there and contributing.

When we introduce external factors such as too much carbon dioxide or methane, it destroys the balance of the ecosystem which in turn affects those who live in it. The result is global warming, water shortage, extinction of species, etc. These impacts every living thing on the planet, which includes us.

There is much that can be done in the United States to intentionally thwart an imbalance in the ecosystem. Monisha observed a few activities in France that were encouraged or normal practices, such as:

  • Local residents walk or riding bicycles to work or school

  • Local grocers buying and selling produce from local sources within the province or region

  • A ban on over 1,600 chemicals used in foods in the U.S.

  • Local open air markets available every day

  • Individuals purchasing what they need for 1-3 days of food to eliminate large amounts of food waste

Take a look at the latest video for more insight and ideas you or your business could integrate sustainability practices in your Corporate Responsibility Strategies.

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