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Soulgood Partners With Fooda

Healthy Plant-Based Vegan Food Is Popping Up Across North Texas Workplaces

Soulgood, Inc., a Texas Public Benefits Corporation, is partnering with Fooda to serve healthy plant-based lunches at workplaces across North Texas.

Fooda, a company that contracts with local restaurants to provide food service to large office buildings was open to vegan food company joining their contracted restaurant team to offer more variety for vegan and vegetarian employees at local workplaces.

Fooda offers a variety of cuisines in each of its lunch-time locations every day. For example, the Fooda location in a large office building might have pop-up restaurants serving Mexican, Thai and burgers one day and sandwiches, salads and Indian food the next. “We’re looking for variety in the menu, and restaurants that are well received in that neighborhood,” says Katrina Michael, restaurant sales manager for Fooda.

Each food station is operated by a different local restaurant. The restaurants themselves decide which menu items to bring to the Fooda location. Customers pay for their food either directly at the pop-up restaurant or, if Fooda is set up in a cafeteria, at a central pay station.

“I launched Soulgood in 2012. Since our launch at the Dallas Farmers Market as a popup restaurant in October 2014 the market has experienced explosive growth and positive changes with the increased demand for vegan, plant-based and vegetarian cuisine and that leads to a significant impact on climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE), reduction of animal cruelty and soon we hope to see a positive impact on the health of North Texans actively choosing to eat less meat and more plant-based foods.”

Soulgood’s mission to save the planet, people and animals one plate at a time remains the same and with the launch of the virtual concept we can use innovative technology to serve more families, save more animals and continue to positively impact the environment.

Fooda and Soulgood will kickoff the partnership in January 2020 with pre-scheduled popup dates coming to Dallas and other local cities across North Texas. For more details subscribe to Soulgood's website or follow the calendar at

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