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Plant-Based Foods Are Not Only Good For You But Also Good For The Planet

Dallas-based Vegan Food Truck Measures Its Environmental, Health and Economic Impact

In January 2019, Soulgood partnered with Dallas County Community College District Labor Market Intelligence Center to conduct an insightful analysis of Soulgood's environmental and economic impact. By serving organic, non-GMO, plant-based foods, the company had to be making some small impact on the environment and we needed to determine how and what we should be tracking and analyzing.

Soulgood is more than just a vegan and vegetarian food truck and catering company. We are created to impact change in the lives of the people we hire, the people we serve, the planet and animals saved from slaughter. Soulgood values its mission to save the planet, people and animals and we are happy to have statistics to demonstrate our small but important impact.

"Albeit, we are a small 24' mobile food service company today, we are making big strides to impact the health and well-being of people we serve, positively impact the environmental and increase economic development opportunities on a small scale," shares Cynthia Nevels, Head Creative Chef and Founder of Soulgood.

The research and data analysis conducted and infographic created by DCCCD's Labor Market Intelligence Center (LMIC) Ben Magill and Dr. Tana Juko, Research Analyst for LMIC presents Soulgood's current footprint, meat consumption statistics, and green house gas emissions industry measures.

How do we impact change on a global scale with a small truck? We use eco-friendly products to package and distribute our products, encourage more consumers to choose plant-based foods to consume and decrease the number of animals slaughtered each year. The numbers demonstrate the direct relationship between small changes and big results.

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