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Safeguard Your Health At Home with Plants

Online Plant-Based Health Education Program Helps Families Manage Their Health at Home

On March 14, 2020, Soulgood, Inc. launched a new plant-based health education program through its social innovation and community giving program - Soulgood Cares. The online education program was created to offer new plant-based recipes, tips and resources to help fans eat and live healthier the vegan way.

Who knew the program would be so timely and a helpful resource to encourage families to safeguard their health at home when the Corona Virus or COVID-19 hit the United States?

A live webinar entitled Your Health Matters: Boosting Your Immune System the Vegan Way was streamed live to offer attendees an introduction to plants filled with vitamins and nutrients that naturally boost the immune cells through a process called cell optimization. The course was recorded and made available as pay-per-view at $4.99 for a 3-day rental or $24.99 for unlimited stream access.

The next webinar entitled Your Health Matters: How the Plant-Based Lifestyle Can Help Combat Disease taught viewers how plants can mitigate a growing number of preventable or manageable chronic diseases caused by meat, fat and salt consumption such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and more.

On March 23, 2020, Soulgood, through a grant from Integrality, made all current and future plant-based health education webinars and videos available at no cost to viewers for 30-days.

"I believe there is no better way to safeguard our own health at home during the global quarantine than by eating clean, daily exercise, hydration, de-stressing and adequate rest," says Chef Cynthia Nevels, Founder and Head Creative Chef of Soulgood, Inc. the Dallas-based vegan food company.

Soulgood announced four additional plant-based health education videos will be released over the next 2 weeks and made available at no charge to the public.

"The body is a miraculous machine designed to protect us and fight infection if we treat it well. Friends in the medical community have shared with me the best thing people can do is boost their immune system at home to help their bodies fight infection," says Chef Cynthia.

To learn more, visit Viewers may sign-up on the website for free and have unlimited access to educational videos, at no charge, for the next 30-days.

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