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New Year Brings New Partners

Soulgood Partners With Major Brands to Promote Plant-Based Health and Wellness Initiatives

More flexitarians are driving the demand up for plant-based food options. The increase in demand leads to more opportunities for plant-based restaurants, mobile food service and catering options to grow and impact agriculture in the U.S. more than every before.

Soulgood vegan restaurant, food truck, catering company and bakery opened their flagship quick service restaurant on January 18, 2022 on the campus of Texas Woman's University in Denton in partnership with Chartwells Higher Education, a global food services management company.

Now, big brands are taking a look at what their employee base needs are and bringing in more experts to delivery health education programming. Data shows a healthier employee is a more productive employee.

Soulgood and founder, chef Cynthia Nevels, is partnering with a few major brands to delivery health education initiatives. Last year, Soulgood announced the partnership with Dallas Independent School District to deliver plant-based consulting, health education presentations and onsite food truck services. In 2022, companies like Chartwells Higher Education, Environmental Protection Agency, Just Egg, ezCatering and European Wax Center.

The major challenge consumers have when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle is figuring out the how. They know their personal why. Consumers just need a little guidance on what to select and how to prepare plant-based meals that aren't boring.

As the country works to try to be more proactive when it comes to taking care of their health, more flexitarians are incorporating more plants into their diets daily. CW33 interviewed Chef Cynthia before the new year to discuss creative ways to integrate more plants into your diet. The feature can be viewed online here.

We all have concerns about sugar, sat and fat in our diet along with processed foods; however, the more we eliminate meat from our diet the better it is for the environment, animals, our hearts and minds.

Most brands make a donation to the Soulgood Cares Foundation to support the social mission of the company. Soulgood looks forward to partnering with more brands which align with the mission of the company in the near future. To discuss partnerships or to book Chef Cynthia visit

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