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Feed the Front Line Makes Donation to Soulgood Vegan Food Truck to Feed Children in Dallas

Families hit hard by job loss due to COVID-19 will find it hard to feed their children this summer.

Children are officially out of school for the summer. Some parents will be home this June with their children because the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many in low income communities to be furloughed or laid-off. Many families will find it hard to feed their children this summer and rely on the food services provided by Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD) to provide nourishment during the week at the District's Grab-and-Go pick up sites across Dallas that typically serve over 1,300 families per day.

Soulgood, the vegan virtual restaurant and food truck, temporarily closed in March when the city shut down businesses due to COVID-19 outbreak. The small woman-owned company began to focus on how best to utilize the food truck to serve the community instead of focusing on making money. Soulgood, like Feed the Front Line, partnered with famous restaurants like Pecan Lodge to use the food truck to serve first responders who were working day and night to help the sick.

“Things are hard for us all right now. However, instead of thinking about myself I wanted to use my food truck to serve healthy food to others to make an impact in some small way so a child doesn’t go hungry in my neighborhood,” states Founder and Head Chef Cynthia Nevels.

Social Venture Partners of Dallas introduced Feed the Front Line, who was looking for a way to expand their philanthropy and serve more people in the communities hardest hit by the pandemic, to Soulgood. "We were looking for a way to serve hot meals in communities with higher rates of sickness due to alarming health disparities," says Chef Cynthia. The two organizations decided to work together to serve over 600 hot plant-based meals, prepared by Chef Cynthia in collaboration with Dallas ISD, throughout the month of June. Feed the Front Line, Happy Tomato Fresh Salsa, Chef Cynthia and many generous sponsors who gave online covered the costs for the first three weeks to help Soulgood food truck distribute150 family style meals with a serving size of 4 at Dallas ISD's South Oak Cliff High School on June 11, 2020 and alongside Dallas ISD at Cedar Crest Church of Christ on June 18th and June 25th from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

"During these very emotional and trying times, if our vegan tamale platters and vegan Vin Diezel dogs can provide some relief, introduce healthier food options to families in need and put a smile on a child's face this summer our mission will be accomplished," states Chef Cynthia.


Soulgood, Inc. is a Dallas-based Public Benefit Corporation owned and operated by Cynthia Nevels. It is the winner of the 2018 Best Food Truck in Dallas recognition by the Dallas Observer. The company is an eco-friendly vegan fast food company founded 2014 at the Dallas Farmers Market. The company carefully sources organic and nonGMO ingredients to create plant-based burgers, tacos, quesadillas, hot dogs and cupcakes. To learn more about Soulgood and its Social Impact initiative visit, email Chef Cynthia at, or call 972.349.9348.

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