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6 Favorite Things For the Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach us, we took a moment to assess 2021 and all of our favorite discoveries. Enjoy a quick list that contains six of my favorite things that I have discovered and enjoyed this year.

I strive to support women-owned and minority-owned businesses whenever and wherever possible. Through consistent patronage we are able to support women-led households and boost economic development in local communities.

It is more personal and means more to the creator when you know the source of the products you purchase.

Consumer spending has been hit or miss during the pandemic, folks are unemployed, underemployed or employed yet leery of spending too much because of the economic uncertainty the pandemic has caused.

As the pandemic causes more people to reflect on lifestyle choices, organic, plant-based, and vegan are set to gain further momentum. Each dollar spent on plant-based and vegan products creates a better planet for us all.

This year, I have promoted and highlighted a few of my favorites on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy the list and try them for yourself and let me know what you think.

6 Favorite Things

  1. Purpose Tea - Purple tea is a rare tea variety grown in the Mt. Kenya region, derived from the common tea leaf, Camellia Sinensis. Purpose Tea is locally owned and gives back to women tea harvesters in Kenya

  2. Happy Tomato Salsa - all natural and fresh salsa locally owned and manufactured in Fort Worth, TX

  3. Will by Will Smith and Mark Manson -

  4. Iremia Naturals - locally made soaps and shea butters made with natural ingredients from Mother Earth

  5. Moe’s Delights - a cottage bakery that sells fresh vegan sweet potato pies and other goodies at Southpoint Community Market, 2939 S. Ervay St., Dallas, TX

  6. Reel Paper - a bamboo paper product that helps to reduce waste, encourage conscious consumerism, made sustainably, and helps to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people worldwide


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